Sunday, July 4, 2010

bigger than everyone

I posted in my entry to Meet Me At Mike's Envelope Project today.

Meet Me At Mike's is (among other things!) one of my favourite crafty, nannaly blogs, and the Envelope Project is such
a gorgeous idea. Read all about it here, or for a more condensed overview, read all about it... er... here.

Running until July 26 (which, incidentally, was my own dear nanna's birthday), you can send into Meet Me At Mike's an envelope filled with... anything. Anything sweet and little and easily postable will do. I sent in a selection of origami animals I made from yuzen chiyogami washi.

Then... and here's the fabulous bit... they will send to one lucky poster ALL the stuff that's been sent. Can you imagine?! I think it's the most delightful idea.

At half way through the six week period they've received 280 envelopes of stuff already (281 now, including mine!), so get on board! Send your stuff to

Meet Me At Mike's
63 Brunswick St.
VIC., 3065

and remember to put your name and address on the back, 'cause maybe you'll be the one to win it all! Yay.

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