Sunday, June 27, 2010

cookies in the sun

Hello! Welcome to my new little blog.

As the mother of a newborn and a burgeoning teenager, with no paid employment nor income to speak of, I don't have as many opportunities to get my craft on as I used to.

But I can pretty much always make up a plate of cookies. These ones are nice.


1/2 cup or so of butter
1/2 cup or so of caster sugar
1/2 cup or so of dark brown sugar
1/2 cup or so of peanut butter
1 egg
1 cup or so of chopped up chocolate
1 cup or so of peanuts
1 cup or so of self raising flour

I like recipes like this, where the quantities are pretty adaptable to whatever you've got left in the fridge and the pantry. They're very forgiving. So, to the making!

First of all, I use salted butter and salted peanuts if they're around, 'cause I really enjoy the combined sweet-salty taste, but it's up to you (obviously). When it's at room temperature, cream it with the sugars - or if you don't feel like waiting for it to warm up, you can melt it and mix the sugars in then. It seems to make the finished product slightly more crumbly and brittle, is all.

Mix in the peanut butter and the egg, then the chocolate and peanuts. Whack in the flour and mix it all up, then spoon out little blips on a baking tray. MY oven is a horrible liar and I'm never sure exactly what temperature we're really at, but at a guess I'd say I bake these cookies at around 210 degrees Celsius for six minutes or so, then let them cool (a little bit, 'cause I can't leave these alone for long) on the tray. The reason I cook them for a short time at a high heat is because I love cookies that are crispy and crumbly outside, then smoodgy* and melty inside. If you'd like them a bit more evenly crunchy throughout, just lower the temperature and cook for longer. I don't know how long. It's not exact. It's up to you.

If you're like me, you'll have nibbled away at about half of the mixture before it ever comes to baking. Otherwise, this quantity makes about 3 dozen or so cookies, which is never enough.

*Those who know me AT ALL know that my pedantry for correct spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar coexists happily with my predilection for making up new words to suit my purposes. I choose to see this not as a contradiction, but as an adorably quirky complexity of my character. So there.