Sunday, August 15, 2010

and another thing...

So, last week my blue shoes were chosen to feature in this Pounce! Treasury on Etsy which promotes great shops before their first sale. Thanks, fellow Etsyers!

Also, this week I have set up a Facebook page for the other half of the three bees business, where I make cakes and desserts and such. It's all quite pretty and I'm a bit proud of it. Go! Look! Like!

(summer berry cheesecake)

(chocolate orange tarts)

(persian spice cupcakes, ready for delivery)

It feels good to be getting busy with these things again, channeling my creativity into something I can use. I still think I'll need someone outside to work through the marketing and promotion side of things as I find that stuff really difficult (as this link-heavy post will attest!), but it's all a work in process. And the family don't seem to mind being guineapigs for new flavours....

So get on board. You can say you were there when the three bees empire all began.


  1. Rin, these look seriously delicious! Will you be selling them when you move back to Tassie?

  2. Oh yes indeed! Working from home to begin with, then plans to open a shop next year. Of course, I'll need tasters!